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who we are

TALKNATION is a movement of individuals, men and women, who talk for impact and income. 

Although a global movement, TALKNATION is domiciled in Nigeria – The Giant of Africa. 

Home to almost 200million people, over 80million budding entrepreneurs, considered the country with the highest appetite for entrepreneurship GLOBALLY 

At TALKNATION, we attract 1st class, highly accomplished, much sought-after “Talkers” from around the GLOBE, to teach, train, coach, motivate and inspire Nigerian and African upcomers to rise to the next level.

Our target is to raise 1million credible, internationally recognised African "Talkers" by 2028, in the areas of Business and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Education, Community Service, Development, Corporate Training, Event Hosting, Social Enterprise, Sports, Mental Health and more.

So, if you are a Business Leader, Community Leader, Motivational Speaker,  Master of Ceremonies,  On-air-personality, Teacher, Parent,  Guardian, Corporate Trainer, Sports man/woman, as long as you talk for IMPACT and INCOME, you are a part of us, you can benefit from TALKNATION.

Our flagship event is called TALKATHON – where we host global speakers to teach live or online.

And the 2018 edition is an ONLINE Summit tagged – “Launch Your Talk Business”.

In this summit, we will explore the different ways in which interested individuals can start and grow their Talk Business'es'.

Under various topics, we would explore EXACTLY how to:

  • CLARIFY your message,
  • CRAFT your purpose statement
  • DECIDE who your preferred audience is
  • BRAND yourself and showcase your uniqueness
  • MARKET your services to be noticed by the right paying clients
  • NICHE down
  • CREATE marketable products like Podcasts, YouTube content, Online courses, Books, all from your unique message
  • SELL your message on a Global scale
  • KEEP your clients coming back for more and getting lots of referrals.
  • .....and so much more.

Joyce daniels

Founder talknation

Joyce Daniels, also known as “Queen of Talk” has been a highly sought-after Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Youth Mentor for over a decade.

She’s the Chief Trainer and Founder of TALKADEMY – Africa’s Premiere Training School for Event Host MCs,  with over 300 individuals trained till date.

She’s also a Senior Trainer with the prestigious 106-year old Dale Carnegie Training.

She’s a 7-figure TALKER, determined to show others exactly HOW to talk for Impact and income.

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